Processing mail that was returned by the Post Office

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If the Post Office returns something that we mailed, ascertain:

a) what it is; and...

b) why it was returned.

We pay extra for the Post Office to return undeliverable mail to us so that we can update bad addresses.

This always happens when we mail spring renewal notices. It might have been returned because:

  • we sent it to an old address because the customer never updated us about their new address.
  • we sent it to the correct address but the mailing house sent it to the old address.
The mailing house cross references the address list we give them with what the Post Office shows is the current address. The mailing house trusts the Post Office more than CFS so if the customer never updated the Post Office about their new address, then the mailing house will send it to the old address.
  • the Post Office made a mistake.
  • we made a mistake.

Generally there are two kinds of mail that is returned by the Post Office:

a) items that are returned with a forwarding address; and...

b) items that are returned without a forwarding address.

When an item is returned

  1. Open it.
  2. Identify what it is: spring renewal notice, something else we sent to a customer, or other item of mail (such as business mail).
  3. Determine the Cust ID.
If the item returned has to do with CFS bills, etc., give it to Monica.

Items returned with a forwarding address

If the forwarding address seems correct, update the account with a new address. If the item should be forwarded, then use the new address to forward the item.

Items returned without a forwarding address

If the Post Office does not provide a forwarding address, it might be because that person/business has not informed the Post Office about their new address. Use information found in C-More and/or the Internet to update the account. If the item should be forwarded, then use the new address to forward the item.

Forwarding an item

  1. Dispose of the used envelope/mailer.
  2. Put the item in an appropriate envelope/mailer.
  3. Print a label and affix it to the new envelope/mailer.
  4. Put it in the outgoing mail bin on the table used for shipping in Ste 211.

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