Diesel Fuel Sellers: CDTFA's Direct Transmit System unavailable for Form 401-GS

Eric Updated by Eric

As of this writing 12/30/22, due to CDTFA's ongoing transition to cloud based servers, the Direct Transmit System used by software vendors, including CFS, will be unable to support e-filing CDTFA-401-GS returns that claim the Partial Exemption for Diesel Fuel (Temporary Decrease in Tax) until February 1, 2023.

All CDTFA-401-GS returns claiming the Partial Exemption for Diesel Fuel should be filed using the CDTFA online system or by our PAPER return module.
Using Direct Transmit System will result in the returns being accepted, but may have errors as the taxable amount will not be correct as the diesel partial exemption will not be available for reducing the tax amount due.

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