Creating a supervisor ticket (CsT) via C-More

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There's more than one way to create a supervisor ticket (customer service supervisor ticket or CsT) via C-More.

  1. Probably the most common method is to use the existing relevant C-More (CSR or Tech) ticket. In the saved C-More ticket:
    1. click File.
    2. click Supervisor Ticket.
    3. Make appropriate selections from the drop-downs at the (next) New Supervisor Ticket screen and edit as appropriate.
    4. Click the Save icon.
  2. There is another way to create a CsT via C-More:
    1. At the Customer screen, click File.
    2. Go to New and then click on Supervisor Ticket.
    3. Follow the same steps as above (method #1).
    You have to complete the Details text box when you create a CsT via method #2. When you create a CsT via method #1, what was saved in the C-More ticket is copied into the Details text box.

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