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The following information is from the IRS from January 21, 2022:

Reminder: The Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) System login now requires additional information. You are required to enter your Transmitter Control Code (TCC), EIN and legal business name exactly as it currently appears on your IR Application for TCC.

The FIRE login will require the entry of the User ID, Password, EIN, TCC, and business name exactly as it appears on the FIRE System.

To ensure you have the exact business name used when the original application for TCC was submitted we recommend you:

  • Login to the FIRE System
  • Go to Main Menu
  • Select Send Information Returns
  • Follow prompts
  • Print and Save a copy of the Update Send Information Return screen

New FIRE users should keep a copy of their TCC application to ensure they have the exact name used when setting up their account.

CFS Tip: If your company name is not accepted, try entering it with all uppercase with no punctuation.

When logging in, if you receive an error message upon entering your legal business name stating the “Information provided is not correct”, you can:

• Contact the Responsible Official and ask them to provide you the legal business name from the online IR Application for TCC, if your TCC was issued on or after September 26, 2021.

• Contact the help desk to obtain the exact business name as it appears in the FIRE System. A responsible person for the business must be able to verify they are authorized to receive the information. The Technical Services Operation help desk can be reached at:

  • 866-455-7438 Toll-free
  • 304-263-8700 International
  • 304-579-4827 Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD)

You must enter your

You must enter your TCC, EIN and Business Name exactly as it currently appears on your IR Application for TCC. Once you log in, your information will fill in automatically when you submit files.
CFS Tip: The Company Name is typically the Legal Business Name you used when applying for your TCC (or as you’ve updated through Form 4419). It generally should not include punctuation or special symbols (with the exception of the ampersand (“&”) or hyphen (“-“).

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