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An error occurred during the move data process: -214...

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This error has been known to occur during software installation and software update. A typical example is below.

The exact error text and error number may be slightly different depending on the underlying cause of the error.

The 10-digit error number begins with '-214' followed by a sequence of 7-digits. The phrase 'An error occurred during the move data process' is included in the error message.

This error is generated when the software installer / updater is prevented from copying files to the computer's file structure.

This type of error can be caused by:

  • Security software including anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware
  • Inadequate user permissions and security rules prohibiting regular Windows users from installing or updating software

Known Fixes

There are three known solutions for this error.

Contact your administrator for assistance with any of these solutions.

Solution 1: Run the installer "As Administrator"

Running the software installer as administrator will likely fix this problem.

If the software installer file has already been downloaded (See: Where To Download CFS Software) from the CFS website, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Windows Desktop run Windows File Explorer [ Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Logo Key + E ].
  2. Locate the installer file using one of the methods below appropriate for the installation environment:
    1. If the program is not yet installed, look in your Downloads folder for the installer previously downloaded from the CFS website.
    2. If the program is already installed and you are updating, open the installation location (see Software Locations (Default)) and find the subfolder called 'Update'. Within it is a single installer file.
    3. If this is a workstation setup in a network environment, open the WSSETUP folder (see Workstation Setup Locations (Default)) and locate the setup.exe file inside.
  3. Single-click the installer file to highlight it, then press [ Shift + F10 ] on the keyboard. A menu will pop-up.
    1. Select the 'Run as Administrator' option on the menu.
  4. The software installer will now run will now run at an elevated level, which should allow the installation to complete.

Solution 2: Ensure security software is not preventing installation

Security software can prevent the installation from creating files and folders, resulting in this error.

  • Confirm that security software, if present on the computer, is not interfering with the software setup.
  • Security software may include anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-ransomware software.
  • If security software is running on the computer, adjust the security software's settings as needed.

Solution 3: Ensure user permissions are adequate

Confirm the user performing the installation has adequate Windows user permissions to complete the task.

The user performing the workstation setup must have READ, WRITE, EXECUTE and MODIFY permissions to the folder the software is being installed into.

During the workstation setup files and folders are automatically created on the workstations C: drive.

For installation on workstations on a network: although the vast majority of files needed to run the software from a network are located on the network, the software does require a small subset of files and folders be created / used on the workstation itself. The folder locations created / used on the workstation are typically the same as those used for single-user installations.

For more information on the folders used by our software, See: Software Locations (Default).

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