Payroll System

Direct Deposit in LivePayroll

Setting Up Direct Deposit. User Setup. Before you can use the Direct Deposit feature, you must enroll with National Payment Corporation ("NatPay") and set up a user account. To set up your account, o…

John Logue
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Importing CSV files into Payroll System

Payroll System can import a wide range of data using CSV files. What is a CSV file? CSV stands for Comma-Separated Values but are also called "comma delimited files". They are often used as a univers…

Christopher H
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LivePayroll Overview

LivePayroll shares the same interface as other CFS Payroll System programs: 941/940 , W2/1099 , and Payroll Corrector. It includes all of the features and forms of the after-the-fact 941/940 program,…

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Vacation and Sick Leave in LivePayroll

In LivePayroll, two separate categories of Paid Time Off (PTO) can be accrued: Vacation and Sick Leave. Creating Policies for Employers. The user must first create and save Vacation and/or Sick Leave…

John Logue
Updated 2 years ago by John Logue