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W-2 E-Filing: Wisconsin - Corrected W-2C

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WI W2 corrections follow the EFW2 file format NOT the EFW2C The EFW2 format is the same format for an original file. The corrected file has a "corrected file" indicator in the file. To do a W2 correction for WI. Create a regular W2 with the corrected information under a copy of the employer (client) that contains 'CORR' in the Control Number field. DO NOT include any W2's that are not being corrected. Create a copy of the employer by clicking 'Utilities/Copy Current Client' from the program's main screen. Be sure to edit the client and enter 'CORR' in the Control Number field." Have the Client list options show the Employer-CTRL Number-ID. Right click on the Client and select "Client List Options" than select "Employer- Ctrol No - ID"

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W-2 E-Filing: Wisconsin

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