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Can I have my programs delivered on CD?

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Due to a lack in demand, CFS is discontinuing CDs as a delivery option for our software.

For awhile now, CDs have been obsolete as a delivery mechanism for software. New computers rarely even have CD-ROM drives, and the vast majority of our users download our software instantly instead of wait for a CD to arrive in the mail. However, CFS was happy to make CDs available to customers who still wanted them, either for archival purposes or to install to a computer without internet access.

Recent trends made us rethink that policy.

First, fewer and fewer of our customers even want them. Customers wanting a CD instead of downloading have dropped 94% from their peak. 96% of the programs we distributed this year were downloaded instead of mailed. Of the 4% that were sent on CD, we estimate half were still download simply because it's more convenient.

Second, global supply shortages make it more difficult to source blank CDs, equipment needed to write to them in bulk are becoming harder to service, and companies we could outsource the task to have become rare.

The lack of demand of CDs, coupled with the increased difficulty in producing and sending out CDs, led us to decide to discontinue CDs as a delivery option. This decision may even benefit some users in states that tax the delivery of tangible items.

What if my computer is not connected to the internet?

There is a fairly easy way to install CFS software to a computer that doesn't have internet access. See Downloading the installer to a USB flash drive to transfer it to an offline computer.

What if I want to preserve a way to install past versions of your software?

There are two ways to accomplish this.

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