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1099 E-Filing: Navigating IRIS CSV Portal Website

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All use of the IRIS System website and filing of Information Forms is entirely the user’s responsibility. This is not a replacement for IRS instructions or tutorials. Additionally, IRIS System web pages are subject to change. See IRS Pub 5717 for detailed instructions.
  1. Create the CSV file using Create 1098/1099/W-2G e-file/MagMedia Files module.
  2. If you have an IRIS TCC, go to the IRIS Portal and log in with
  3. Click Select next to your organization under Organization Roles on the Select Your Organization page that shows Application Type IRIS TCC in its right hand column to open the Taxpayer Portal Dashboard.
  4. Click Upload CSV with Form Data.
  5. Under Upload File, click Browse or drop csv file here and load your file.
    Ignore the Download File Template area if uploading CSV file created in Payroll System’s 1099 E-file module.
    Your browser may say Choose File instead of Browse.
  6. Choose the file then click Open.
    If you’re not sure how to find your upload file, it is much easier to paste your file’s location into the blank File Name field. See Copying and pasting file name and path.
  7. Click Start, which will direct you to the Review Form Information page. On this page, you’ll have the option to review your information return data before continuing.
  8. Go to the View Unsubmitted Forms page next to search, view, edit, download and submit already created information returns to the IRS. Mark the check box to the right of the user’s information to select the returns download, submission or deletion.
  9. After selecting your form(s) desired, click Submit to advance to the Summary of Selected Forms page.
  10. Review the confirmation page (also called Your Form(s) Have Been Submitted page), and make a note of your receipt ID. Click Download and acknowledge the disclaimer. The download will be in progress and appear on the Notifications Page when ready. Look for the Notifications link found in the upper-right-hand corner of the IRIS Portal Dashboard. 
  11. Review the confirmation page and make a note of your receipt ID. Click Download and acknowledge the disclaimer. The download will be in progress and appear on the Notifications Page when ready.
  12. If you have any returns to delete, you may also accomplish this on the View Unsubmitted Forms page by selecting the needed forms for deletion and clicking Delete
  13. Log out when done.
Unsubmitted Forms Status Definitions
Unsubmitted Forms Status Definitions

In Progress.
Data/form is not complete.
Ready to Submit. Data/form is complete.

View Submitted Forms

The View Submitted Forms page allows you to view a table of transmissions you submitted. Filter the table to narrow the results. On this page, you can:

  • View Submitted Forms Details by selecting Receipt ID to display a list of all submissions included in your transmission. View specific form details by clicking on the Record ID which is a record-level view of the transmission
  • View the Transmission Status of submitted forms – Accepted, Accepted with Errors, Received by IRS and Rejected
  • Download acknowledgements
  • Use the Correct button to begin a correction

This section uses plus and minus buttons that allow you to maximize and minimize accordion folds for multiple form submissions.

Status Definitions for Submitted Forms
Received by IRS. Pending processing by the IRS. Acknowledgement will be available once transmission has completed processing.
Accepted. No action required.
Accepted with Errors. Transmitter needs to correct the data and send corrections to the IRS.
Rejected. Transmitter should resolve the issue and submit again as an original transmission.
  1. Click Receipt ID to see the information received in the transmission. This will take you to the View the Submitted Forms Details page.
  2. You may then click Record ID, which allows a record level view of your transmissions on View Forms Detail. On this page, you can view the information you entered.
  3. To return to View the Submitted Forms Details click Back on the IRIS webpage.
If you have questions about the IRIS Website or your upload(s), you may contact their Help Desk Monday through Friday 7:30am – 7pm, ET. (866) 937-4130.

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