1099 E-Filing

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Payroll Return E-filing

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W-2 E-Filing

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Can 1099s be filed with IRIS (Information Returns Intake System)?

In early 2023, the IRS launched its new Information Returns Uptake System (IRIS) system for efiling 1099s. Because the IRS released IRIS so late in the 2022 filing season, Payroll System does not sup…

Updated 3 months ago by Eric

Creating Form 8809 Extension files

Overview. Create electronic Form 8809 extension files and manually upload them to the IRS FIRE website to file your extensions. CFS Payroll System creates electronic extension files only for the form…

Updated 5 days ago by Eric

Do I have to e-file?

Form 941 (also 940 and 943). Currently, the IRS does not require filers to electronically file Form 941, 940 and 943. However, users of CFS 941/940 software have the capability to efile these forms s…

Michael Toney
Updated 4 months ago by Michael Toney

E-File Format Error W2 and 1099 file name .txt

Some agencies (BSO and certain states) want the file that is uploaded to be named with a.txt at the end of the filename. Make sure the saved file name has a.txt before submitting. How to fix Error wi…

Suzette Ciplickas
Updated 8 months ago by Suzette Ciplickas

E-Filing: Copying and pasting file name and path

A part of uploading files electronically where users often get stuck is finding the path for the file they want to upload. Payroll System makes it very simple by automatically copying the file name a…

Updated 9 months ago by Eric

E-Filing: Create a Cover Letter

Let your clients know that you electronically filed. Change Select Program to Display to W-2/1099 Information Returns.. In the Module Library, scroll down to the Cover Letter module and double-click…

Updated 9 months ago by Eric

FIRE System login changes

The following information is from the IRS from January 21, 2022: Reminder: The Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) System login now requires additional information. You are required to e…

Updated 1 month ago by Eric

Find Client

Find Client. The Find Client dialog is accessed from the UTILITIES menu on the Module Library screen (hotkey is SHIFT-F2 ). A user may locate clients quickly in the list by entering text for which to…

Nina Tchistiakova
Updated 9 months ago by Nina Tchistiakova

Handling omitted payees when 1099's or W-2's are added after transmission

Usually W-2 and 1099 forms are completed, created, saved and transmitted at the same time. However, if new W-2 or 1099 forms need to be filed after the original files are transmitted, the program wil…

Updated 9 months ago by Eric

IRS FIRE System is down for maintenance for a month every winter

The IRS Fire System will be down for annual updates November 25, 2022 and return from winter maintenance on January 6, 2023. The IRS File Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) system is down for…

Updated 9 months ago by Eric

IRS requires existing TCC holders to complete the new IR application

The following is an announcement from the IRS: The August 1, 2023 deadline to initiate your application to retain your Transmitter Control Code (TCC), obtained prior to September 26, 2021 (also known…

Updated 1 month ago by Eric

Is the IRS website down?

We sometimes take calls from our e-file users asking if the IRS website (MeF, E-Services, FIRE system, etc.) is down. Since it's beyond the scope of our software there's not much we can do about it,…

Updated 9 months ago by Eric