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Adding or editing vendors

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  1. To add or edit vendors, click Add/Edit Payees.
  2. The Add/Edit Payee screen will display.

Adding vendors

Vendors have two classifications:

  • Those that will be issued Form 1099-MISC and/or Form 1099-NEC at the end of the year.
  • Those that will not be issued those forms.
After-The-Fact 941/940 Payroll users can use 1099 vendor payments in order to create Form 1099, but may not have a use for non-1099 payments. LivePayroll users can make use of both types since LivePayroll allows vendor checks to be printed.

  1. To enter a vendor, first enter the payee's name (either first and last name, or company name, not both).
    If this vendor will receive a Form 1099, then a second name may be entered since the form allows a second name line. The second name will only appear on Form 1099 and will not be listed as a payee on the check.

  1. A check mailing name different than the payee's name may be entered, otherwise leave this blank. This often occurs for state taxing agencies. The mailing name only appears on the check, not on Form 1099.
  2. Additional check mailing address info, such as ATTN: may be entered on the Mailing Address (check only) line, otherwise leave this blank. This often occurs for state taxing agencies. This extra address line only appears on the check, not on Form 1099.
  3. Enter the main address in the Street, City, and Zip Code fields. These fields appear on the check and on Form 1099.
  4. Optionally a vendor may be marked as inactive by checking that box.
  5. If the vendor will receive Form 1099-NEC (because they receive nonemployee compensation) or Form 1099-MISC (because they receive payments other than nonemployee compensation) at the end of the year, check the 1099 Payee box and complete the rest of the fields in that section.
    1099 payees must have and ID number. Control number is optional. Users may select a default 1099 box for the amount to automatically fill. For example, if the amount of the check is nonemployee compensation then the user can select 1 nonemployee comp to have it automatically fill in when the amount is entered. The user must also specify the reporting state.
    Clicking the Options button next to the 1099 box list allows the user to determine which 1099 boxes to display in the payment grid. For example, if all 1099 vendor are paid nonemployee compensation, then the user may specify to only display that box.

Select a preset taxing agency

The State/Fed Agencies button at the top of the screen displays a list of program provided taxing agencies.

The user can select an agency and click the Add button to add the taxing agency as a vendor. This would be used by in LivePayroll to write checks for the taxing agency. Many forms in LivePayroll have a button to allow the user to add the taxing agency to the vendor list and create a check for the payment amount automatically.

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