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Modifying Your IRS E-Services Application to E-file Forms 94X (Forms 941, 940, etc.)

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Modifying Your Application

Most Tax Practitioners with an IRS E-Services account already have an “EFIN" (Electronic Filing Identification Number)—which signifies they are an Electronic Return Originator (ERO). But to E-file 941s (and other “94X Series” forms) utilizing CFS Payroll System software, an “ETIN” (Electronic Transmitter Identification Number) is also required.

This article will guide you through the online procedure to obtain the required “ETIN," adding the Transmitter option to your IRS E-Services account.

Additionally, these instructions will have you confirm that your EFIN/ERO service includes Forms 94X (see Steps 6 and 7 below).

Note: If your IRS E-Services account does not already include the Electronic Return Originator option (or if your ERO doesn’t include Forms 94X), that service will also need to be added to your IRS E-Services account.

Finally, this article will discuss adding the Reporting Agent option to your IRS E-Services account (see Step 7 below).

  1. Access your E-Services application by clicking "Access e-file Application" on this webpage:
  1. Login currently provides the option of logging in under your existing e-services user name, or the new user name (your associated email address).
If you have not already created an account, the IRS has announced that it will be required for future “94X” e-Filing (e-Filing of Forms 941, 943, etc). If you would like to begin creating your account, you can click, “ Create an account”.
Note that technical difficulties are not uncommon when creating an account. If you have phone camera difficulties under “Self-Service,” choosing “Video Chat Agent” is an option. Help links can also be found at the Help Center.
  1. After logging in, continue past your login history. Then you may choose “Individual,” Firm Role or Organization to proceed to the “ESAM” webpage (where “All Applications” can be viewed).
  2. Click the eye icon in the View/Edit column to view the application.
  3. Navigate through the application by clicking the section heading tab at the top (with green underline), or by clicking Continue when you get to the bottom of a webpage. To modify your application, go to the Application Details page:
  4. After clicking the Application Details Tab, under Provider Options, look to see what your existing Provider Options are. If you already have an “EFIN,” you should see the Provider Option of Electronic Return Originator. (If not, you will ADD that Provider Option in Step 7 below).
    The following illustration shows an IRS E-Services account with the Electronic Return Originator (“ERO”) provider service option:
Note that under the “Forms” column, 94X is included. If 94X is not included under the “Forms” column in your Electronic Return Originator row, then you will ADD the Provider Option of Electronic Return Originator as instructed in Step 7 below.
  1. A little further down the same Application Details webpage, click ADD PROVIDER OPTIONS
Note: the background color for "ADD PROVIDER OPTIONS" is blue, but the background color changes to amber (as in the illustration below) when you hover over or click it. 
  • From the ADD PROVIDER OPTIONS drop-down menu, select the desired option.
Note: although three possible options are circled in the illustration below, they can only be selected one at a time.

a) If you do not already have the Electronic Return Originator option (“EFIN” number), or if your Electronic Return Originator service does not include Forms 94X, you will select the Electronic Return Originator Provider Option first.

b) All users without an “ETIN” need to select the Transmitter option. 

On the dialog window which follows, confirm that the selection for Service Type is correct (usually, “For Profit”). Note that Forms 94X are included by default. Select Save to move forward with your application modification process.

c) You may also choose to Add the Reporting Agent option, if you have already submitted at least one Form 8655 by fax (even if only for your own company). Click here for more information on Form 8655:

  1. Some E-Services Accounts or their Authorized Users may need to complete an additional step before submitting the request for additional services.
    Before proceeding to the Application Submission tab, select the Application Summary tab:

Scroll down until you see “Terms of Agreement Signature & Personal Information.” Look under the “Personal Suitability Answers and TOA Signature” column: 

Click on any link provided in that column. Be sure all questions are answered appropriately. If this section has not been updated, the submission may fail with an error notice referencing FBI/TOA.

You may also want to make sure the “Personal Credentials” and all other application information is up to date, under the various tabs.
  1. After you have completed the Steps above (and updated any necessary information on your application), submit your modified application by clicking Submit (under the Application Submission Tab).
A PIN is required to submit the application. This would be the original PIN used when signing up for E-Services, or as modified. If you are having difficulty, call IRS E-Services at (866) 255-0654.

Checking the Status of Your Application

In a day or two, log in to check the status of the application. If the Application Status is “Completed,” scroll down to the bottom of the “Application Summary” page to view your assigned ETIN(s). If the Application Status is not “Completed,” you may need to resubmit the application.

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