Move employee/recipient to another client

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This option allows the user to move employees/recipients and their data from one client to another. A copy of the recipient is not created. Instead the recipient's record is removed from original client and assigned to the new client. To merge two employee's, see Merge an employee's files.

  1. Click Utilities > Move Employee/Recipient to Another Client > Move [form name] from the menu bar.
  2. Select the employee(s) in the list.
  3. Click Move. The Client Folder will reflect the change.

This utility provides a way to merge employees under a single employer. Some common examples follow for using the move feature are:

  • A user may have entered employees for an employer on more than one machine and wishes to merge the employees. First, the employer must be backed-up and restored to the second machine. The restore process does not merge employees but instead overwrites an existing employer with the contents of the backup. For this reason the employer must be restored as a separate employer so that it does not overwrite the existing one. To restore an employer as a separate employer, when one exists already with the same Federal ID, the user can change the Control Number. When restoring employers the program matches the Federal ID and Control Number. If either of the two are different then the employer is restored as a separate employer. After changing the control number of the employer and restoring the same employer from the backup, the user may use the Move function to move the employees from one employer to another. After moving the employees the duplicate employer may be deleted.
  • A user may have entered new employees for an employer and then realized that they could import last year's employers and employees. In order to merge last year's employees for the employer with the newly entered employees the user must import the employer to this year's program. The import routine will not overwrite if a matching employer exists in the current database. The user must change the Control Number for the existing employer and proceed as described in the case above.
  • A user is following the procedure to restore a deleted employee.

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