Form 941 - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return

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The Form 941 module contains Federal Form 941, Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, Form 941 (Schedule B), and Form 941 Payment Voucher. Click the links to view the instructions.

The form is scannable. Only the original signed form should be submitted to the IRS. Do not submit a photocopy. Form 941 printed by computer software produces a substitute version of the form which differs in appearance from the public IRS version.

Data may be imported from the 941 Payroll Data previously entered. Select UTILITIES from the menu to import the desired quarter. The user must complete the portions of the forms that were not filled in by the import routine.

The default Third-Party Designee can be set on the Edit Employer/Payer Information screen so that the section is filled automatically each quarter.

Mailing labels may be printed from the FILE-LABELS menu on the Employer List screen.

Click the links below to load the current year Form 941 instructions from the IRS website.

2024 Instructions for Form 941

2024 Instructions for Form 941, Schedule B

Prior Year Form Instructions

2023 Instructions for Form 941

2022 Instructions for Form 941

2021 Instructions for Form 941

2020 Instructions for Form 941

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