Error 5: Invalid procedure call

At Program Start

Incorrect Configuration

Error 5 at program start is most often caused by an incorrect configuration, usually due to a change in disk drive layout. For example, in the network version of the program, the configuration could be pointing to a disk drive which is no longer mapped. The usual network configuration is to have the program and data installed on the same mapped network drive. If the program is installed in one place and the data in a different place, this error can occur.

The easiest fix is to repair the “Autolog” facility, which automatically selects a configuration depending on a computer name:

  1. Locate the program folder (e.g., PR2011). It should be within a folder named "CFSLIB."
  2. Within the program folder, locate the "INIS" folder.
  3. In the INIS folder, find the file AUTOLOG.INI file and rename it to AUTOLOG.INX.
  4. When you start the program, it will default the database location to the same location as the program folder.
  5. Add a user name and open the "Configuration" screen to determine where the data is.
If the program opens with an empty database, open "Configuration" and change the data path to the appropriate location.

In Windows Vista

In Windows Vista operating system, error 5 can occur when an automatic update is attempted. The update file is downloaded, then the error occurs when the program tries to pass control to the update file.

The solution is to run the update file manually.

  1. Locate the program folder (e.g., PR2011). It should be within a folder named "CFSLIB."
  2. Within the program folder, locate the "UPDATE" folder.
  3. In the UPDATE folder, find the update file (e.g. "ttupd01.exe"), and double-click on it to run the update.

With Webroot Antivirus

A CFS program shortcut launches a starter program named "XX20nnST.exe," where 'XX' is a two-letter abbreviation for the program name, and 'nn' is the year. The starter program, in turn, launches the actual program: XX20nn.exe. If Webroot antivirus is installed on the system, this sequence can cause error 5.

The best solution is to eliminate the CFSLIB folder from protection by the Webroot antivirus system, which may require a call to to Webroot. However, as a temporary fix, you can change the shortcut so that it executes the actual program rather than the starter:

  1. Right-click on the desktop shortcut, and left-click on "Properties.
  2. In the "Target" field, delete 'ST' from the filename, changing it from XX20nnST.exe to XX20nn.exe.

During Import from QuickBooks

Error 5 can occur during import from Quickbooks when errors are present in the imported data, such as invalid or missing employee address, or missing SSN.

When Printing

Forms or Reports

When printing forms or reports, error 5 can indicate that a routine call included a date in an incorrect format. This can be the result of incorrect settings in the Windows Control Panel's “Regional Settings” for the format of date, perhaps in conjunction with a different language setting.


When printing labels, error 5 may occur when there is no default printer on the computer.

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