Adding additional Responsible Officials to a TCC application

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As you continue through Application Screens, you will add information regarding your Responsible Officials and Contacts.

  • If you are a Sole Proprietor/Individual, only ONE Responsible Official and Contact are essential, whereas at least two are required for other Business Entities.
  • If two are required, you will add Responsible Officials, who will each sign the application with their own 5 digit PIN. Each will need an IRS Individual Account verified through

To add additional Responsible Officials:

  1. Add each person as an official using their SSN and DOB. Their status will be listed as Pending until they accept the Terms of Service and create a PIN.
  2. Each person should log into their IRS account at
    1. If they do not yet have one, create an IRS Individual Account at
      NOTE that the Responsible Official will select, "Sign in to your Online Account" to reach the area where they can register for an Individual IRS Account.  They will then be asked to Sign in through  (If they don't already have an account, they will choose "Create Account".)
    2. They will verify identity using
  3. Each person should find TCC under Application Type and click Select on that row.
    1. Accept the Terms of Service.
    2. Create a PIN and follow onscreen prompts to complete the application.
All Responsible Officials must perform the above steps for the TCC application to be processed. Below is an example that shows that not all parties have yet done so:

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