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Importing Data from the Prior Year: Only Client Demographic Data is Imported, No Client Folder Data is Imported

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When importing client data from the previous year only client demographic data is imported. No data saved in client folders—like forms—is rolled over.


This can happen when the prior-year program is not installed but its files are present.

For example:

  • The user installs TaxTools 2021 to a new computer, and
  • Copies prior-year files to the computer without installing TaxTools 2020

The user would not see TaxTools 2020 as a source for data in TaxTools 2021's import menu.


Install the year of the software in which the prior-year's data was originally created.

Once installed, the import menu will list specific titles that data can be imported from.

All available data from the prior year will now be imported, Including client folder data that may be rolled over.

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