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Does CFS support the Combined Federal/State Filing program?

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CFS W2/1099 E-File add-on does not support the 1099 Combined Federal/State Program due to the user testing requirements, state direct filing requirements for 1099's with state withholding, variable state participation, and delayed delivery of information to the state.

When e-filing your 1099's you must e-file with the IRS and with the state separately. Be sure to check the state's filing requirements.

California users

California 1099 filing requires users to file electronically to the state if they filed electronically with the IRS. Email: to request a SWIFT user name and password. The SWIFT user name and password is NOT the same as MyFTB Account. You will get an email with your SWIFT User name and password.
If you paper file your 1099's to the IRS you do not need to file with California. The IRS will forward paper filed 1099 information to the state..

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