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How do I find missing backup data?

You may suspect that a backup of a database exists, but you don’t know where. For example, the tech installing your new computer has made the data from the old computer available somewhere on the new computer. Or perhaps you're hoping to find a forgotten backup on a network drive or removable storage device (hard drive or flash drive).

The best way to find a backup database on a drive is to search for the database file contained in a database folder. For each program, the name of the database file is a constant, whereas the names of the database or backup folders are not.

First, determine the file name you will be searching for

Within the CFS program, click Configuration on the Main Menu bar to display Configuration Options. Under Data Options, next to the words Data Path, you will see a file name in blue, followed by the word “present.” That is the file name you need to search for.

Next, make sure you are able to view file extensions

  1. Open Windows Control Panel.
  2. Click Folder Options.
  3. On the View tab, make sure the checkbox for “Hide extensions for known file types” is cleared.
  4. Click OK and close Control Panel.

You are now ready to search for the file

Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Windows Start button. Search the appropriate drive for the file name determined above. If your search turns up multiple files with the same name, look at file sizes and dates to determine the most recent full backup. Make a note of the folder where the desired file is located.

To restore from the file, use the Restore utility in the CFS program, navigating to the folder containing the desired backup file.

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