ProSystem Client List

Import 2018/2019 ProSystem Client List

This utility may be used by owners of the ProSystem 2018/2019 program who wish to transfer the client information into the current program. The user must select the drive and directory from the list that contains the ProSystem 2018/2019 program database file. By default the directory is \WFX32\DATABASE\ on the drive where the program was installed. The file WFXDB03.DBF must be present in the ProSystem database directory. If the file is not found automatically in this default directory on the current drive then the user must change the drive and directory in the list to point to the ProSystem database directory. When the user has found the ProSystem database directory the NEXT button will become enabled and the Import From label will change from red to blue. The import client selection list will then be displayed. Select the clients to be imported from this list. The I, C, P or F at the end of the client ID number in the list indicates individual, corporation (including s-corporation), partnership or fiduciary ProSystem clients, respectively. Then click the FINISH button to import client information into the database.

NOTE: The user will be prompted to replace Clients with matching SSN`s or EIN`s. Unique clients will be added to the database.

This utility imports only the client information such as names and addresses.

If Birthdate fields in the ProSystem program (which specifies a MMDDYYYY format) are entered incorrectly, those fields may import into the database incorrectly.

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