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Creating Form 8809 Extension files

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Create electronic Form 8809 extension files and manually upload them to the IRS FIRE website to file your extensions. CFS Payroll System creates electronic extension files only for the forms that it supports (Other 1098/1099/W-2G, 1042-S, 1095-B, and 1094/1095-C). Other form extensions may be filed manually on the FIRE website. Filing an extension is not an extension to provide the recipients their copy. It's only an extension to file to the IRS.

Beginning tax year 2018, Form 1099-NEC can only request a non-automatic extension of time and must be filed on paper Form 8809. An automatic 30-day extension is not available. Faxing is no longer an option. Extension requests submitted on an obsolete Form 8809 will not be accepted.

Effective tax year 2016, Form W-2 extensions must be filed on paper. Refer to Form 8809 Instructions.

  1. Open Payroll System.
  2. Open the 1099 E-filing module. See Opening the 1099 E-File Module.
  3. Under Step 1 - Transmitter Data, click 8809 Extensions. The Form 8809 Extensions screen will appear.
  4. Mark the boxes next to each client for each form for which you want to file an extension. Use the Select button under File Creation to quickly mark boxes.
    Use the Select and Clear buttons under File Creation to quickly mark or unmark boxes.
    To see the contents of the file, click Preview under Report Options.
  5. When finished, click Create File to create the 8809 extension file. Clients included in the file will be sorted to the top of the list.
  6. With a client highlighted in the grid, click Connect to IRS. Enter your login information and navigate to the web page for uploading electronic extension files and submit the file on the IRS website.
    The file name and path of the saved file containing the previously highlighted client was copied into the Windows clipboard when the client was selected. See Copying file name and path to the Windows Clipboard for how to paste it into the IRS website when prompted.
  7. Mark the files as submitted by highlighting a client and clicking Mark as Submitted.
    To reset the status for a client marked as submitted, highlight the client and click Reset Status. All clients in the file will be reset to Not Created so that they can be included in another file. 
    If a file has already been submitted, it is not necessary to reset a file to do an extension for a form that was not included in the original file.  Simply click the check box for the form(s) that were not included and click Create File to make another file with an extension for the newly checked boxes.
  8. PREVIEW BUTTON - Highlight a client included in a file and click this button. The Preview screen will display the contents of the file on screen. This screen is for your information only. You can print the report in the Preview mode.

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