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Export State Employee Wage Listing

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This function is accessed from the Utilities menu on the main screen. It can be used to export delimited text files (comma or tab delimited) containing employee names, social security numbers, wages, and tax withheld for a selected quarter. The data must be entered into the 941 Payroll grid in order to be exported. The file created by this function may be imported by state software that makes use of delimited text files, or directly into the state online filing website. Each state is different. The user must determine if their state can make use of delimited files.

See also, Online Filing Support for state specific files.

Note that this function provides only a list of employee names, SSNs, and wages. Some software may also have import functions for tax reports that are not provided here. That data cannot be imported from this file.

To export an employee wage listing file follow these steps.

  1. 1. Select the fields to include in the file. Template files containing the necessary fields have been included for the states mentioned above. Click the LOAD button and choose the desired state export template file to load. After loading the file, the list on the right (Client Fields to Export) will contain the data that will be included, in order from the top down, in the file.*

* Occasionally the importing software may change their field requirements. This can render a saved template invalid. The USER MUST VERIFY that the fields listed are in the correct order and are the fields required by the importing software. See the INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BY THE IMPORTING SOFTWARE.

If different fields are needed, you may wish to customize your own export file. Click on the desired field in the list on the left (Client Fields Available). Then click the arrow pointing to the right to add the field to the list on the right. Add the fields in the order desired. If the importing software requires a field not available in the list, such as hours or weeks worked, you may add a BLANK NUMBER FIELD from the list as a placeholder. To change the order of fields in the list on the right, select the desired field and click the UP or DOWN button to move the field within the list or click the left arrow to remove it from the list. When finished selecting fields, click the SAVE button and enter a name to save a template with those fields. Next time you can use the LOAD button to reload the saved field list.

  1. 2. Select the import type, comma or tab delimited. Most programs use comma delimited files.
  2. 3. Select the quarter for which the data will be exported.
  3. 4. If the employer pays employees in multiple states, select the state from the dropdown list. Only paycheck data saved for the selected state will be exported.
  4. 5. Enter the name for the exported file. Some importing software may require a certain file extension (e.g. .TXT). See the importing software instructions. The default file name and path are shown in the File and Directory boxes. To change either the name or directory click the BROWSE button. Navigate to the desired directory and enter the file name. Click the save button.
NOTE: This does NOT save the file yet.
  1. 6. Create the delimited file by clicking the EXPORT button. This action saves the file. If the file already exists you will be prompted to overwrite it. Remember where you saved the file. Click the CLOSE button to exit the screen.
  2. 7. The data may now be imported into the other software. Be sure to read the requirements for setting up the import function in your software. You will have to tell your software what the exported file name is and where it was saved. If the software's browse function is looking for files with a specific extension (e.g. .TXT) you must either name your file with that extension of allow the browser to see all files.

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