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Choose between entering paychecks by payee or by date

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The Payroll Data feature in Payroll System supports two methods of inputting checks:

  • Enter By Payee (default). This screen is used initially to add a new employee. All checks are displayed for one employee at a time.
  • Enter By Date. All employee checks for that date are displayed at once. This method allows the user to enter checks for multiple employees for a particular pay date.

Switching between the two methods

To switch from Enter By Payee to Enter By Date, click Enter By Date or type Alt-B.

To switch from Enter By Date to Enter By Payee, click Enter By Payee or type Alt-B.

The default is Enter By Payee. To change the default to Enter By Date, click Configuration > Edit Default Input Options > Start in "Enter By Date" Mode.

Entering payroll data by Payee

Enter by payee method allows the user to enter multiple checks for the same payee.

  • Paycheck data is entered in the grid by typing in each field.
  • One paycheck is saved for each row.
  • A date must be entered in the date column before anything else can be entered for a given paycheck. The user may then enter the wage amounts and the program will calculate certain deduction and tax items.
Press Enter if a new paycheck has the same wages as the employee's previous check to copy the previous amount to the field. The remainder of the previous check will be copied after exiting the field and certain deductions and taxes will be recalculated. This copy function only works if no amounts have yet be entered for the check.

Entering payroll data by Date

This method allows the user to enter checks for multiple employees for a particular pay date.

  • On this screen the user can add new payroll dates or edit previous payroll dates.
  • Clicking the up or down arrow next to the Payment Date field automatically moves between existing payment dates.
  • After entering the payroll date, paychecks for the employees may be added in the grid below by entering the wages and remaining fields.
  • To enter new pay dates click New Date. Enter the pay date as mm/dd.

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