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Payroll Label/Envelope Maker

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This module prints four-line mailing addresses on labels, envelopes, or slipsheets. A list of label descriptions is displayed from one of four user chosen categories. The contents of the selected label is displayed in text boxes that the user may edit. The user may specify printing quantities for each label. A detailed description of the module follows.

Four label categories are available. Various IRS mailing addresses are included with the program. In addition California mailing addresses are included and listed under the State Tax Addresses. A Custom category is for the users own custom addresses. For each of the three categories just described, IRS, State and Custom, the user may create and save additional labels.

The fourth category is Client and Recipient Addresses. These labels are created from the database. See Labels below for editing the content of client labels. Client and recipient data must be edited or added from the Client List or recipient form. Recipient labels are displayed by selecting the desired client in the client label list and clicking the Recipients for Client button. A popup menu allows the user to select which type of recipient will be displayed in the label list.

To edit a label, select the label in the list and the edit the contents in the text boxes. Click SAVE to save the label. To add a new label, choose the category (You may not add to the Client or Recipient Mailing Addresses.) and click ADD. Enter a description for the label and the four line address. Click SAVE when finished. The label lines will be sized to fit the longest line on the label. To delete a label, select the label in the list and click DELETE.

To print labels first choose the category. Then click on the list box and type in the quantity of labels to print for the selected label. You may enter a different quantity for each label. To enter a quantity of one for each label press <CTRL>+1. To clear the quantity for a selected label press spacebar. To clear the quantities for all labels press <CTRL>+0 (CAUTION: selecting a different category will also clear all quantities). If multiple clients are selected prior to starting the module, then those clients will be automatically marked to print one label or envelope each.

After selecting the quantities to print, select either Labels or Envelopes by clicking the appropriate option button.


If you are printing labels then choose the label size from the dropdown list. The label size and content (client labels only) may be customized, if desired, by clicking the Edit Label button. It may be best to test print a small batch before printing a large quantity of labels. If the labels do not align properly on the printer the user may specify offset values to use. Positive horizontal offset values shift the text to the right and negative values shift it to the left. Positive vertical offset values shift the text down and negative values shift it up. A value of 144 would shift the text on each label 0.1 inches. You may start printing the labels in the middle of a page by entering the Starting Label. The label in the upper left corner is number 1 and the labels are counted across the page and then down.

Envelopes or Slipsheets

If you are printing envelopes or slipsheets then choose the envelope size or slipsheet from the dropdown list that is the best match. Slipsheets are 8.5 x 11 inch inserts printed with the addresses to display through a windowed envelope. You may select the source for the return address from another dropdown list. The return address may be either no address, your firm's address, or the address of a client. If only one client is selected on the main Client List when the module is started, then only that client's address can be used for the return address. If multiple clients are selected prior to starting the module, then the user may select "Multiple Client Addresses" for the return address. The envelope or slipsheet will print for each destination address chosen using the return address for each client originally selected on the client list. The total number of items to print will be the number of destination addresses chosen times the number of clients originally selected. Note: If recipient addresses are printing then the current client is always the payer for those recipients. In this case, multiple selected clients on the main client list have no effect on the printing of return addresses.

Click the Set Print Positions button. Select the printer pickup alignment for your printer: left, center, or right. The alignment corresponds to the placement of the envelopes in the printer's pickup tray. Note that envelopes must be loaded into the default paper pickup tray. In general this means that they should be loaded in the fold down manual feed tray if your printer has one. Special envelope trays are not supported at this time. Slipsheets are printed on 8.5 x 11 inch letter sized paper and required no special loading.

Select the orientation from the dropdown list. Envelopes should be fed and printed landscape. Slipsheets may be printed portrait or landscape as needed to fit the windowed envelope. The destination and return address position may be specified by entering the desired offsets, in inches, for the left and top edges of each address block. Default offsets are provided. If the printing does not align properly on the envelope or slipsheet the user may modify the default offset values. Click the Defaults button to reset the program provided default settings for the selected envelope or slipsheet. Click OK to exit the screen. Changed settings are automatically saved for each envelope or slipsheet in the list. Each user in a network environment may specify their own desired offsets.

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