Data File List

Data File List

The Data File List is a common interface used when saving, loading or deleting data files. When saving data the user must enter a file description. No more than 99 data files may be saved for each module per client. The file descriptions are displayed in the list when loading or deleting data so that the data files may be distinguished from one another. Only data files for the current module are displayed in the list.

Selecting <New File> when loading will cause a new (empty) file to be loaded. If a Client has been selected then the appropriate fields, if any, will be filled automatically from the Client Information stored in the Client database. Selecting an existing file description from the list loads that data for editing. <New File> is not an option for modules allowing only one file per period.

Selecting <New File> when saving allows a separate data file to be saved with whatever description the user desires. Selecting an existing file description when saving causes the existing file to be overwritten with a new file description. The user is forced to confirm this choice. Modules allowing only one file per period do not display the Data List when saving. For convenience the program control the file description and saves automatically.

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