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1099 E-Filing Step 3: IRS Submittal

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Screen Description

In this step you will connect to the IRS FIRE System website to upload the file you have just created. Note each element on this screen.

Files Grid

The Files Grid displays the list of files you created in Step 2.

When you click on a row in this grid, the file's path will be copied to your clipboard. This is very useful for when you upload the file to the IRS. See Copying file name and Path to the Windows Clipboard.

File Contents

The box on the right lists the Payer’s name(s), Form Type(s), and Quantity of forms included in the selected file:

Save File (Optional)

Some users like to click Save File (Optional) (perhaps to rename the file). In this case, the program will automatically copy the newly saved File Name and Path to the Windows clipboard. All this will become clearer as we apply these concepts in the FIRE System (Part Two) instructions.

Note: When creating a file the program will open a "Save File Dialog Box", if you click Cancel while saving the file the file will still be created and will show on Step 3 (Feds) or Step 5 (State).  You can go to Step 3 or Step 5 highlight the file and "Reset" to move it back to the Create File Tab.


To preview the file, click Preview.

Connecting to the IRS

  1. With your newly created file highlighted in blue, click Connect to IRS to go directly to the FIRE System Login or the IRIS CSV Portal:
    Clicking on the file will select the agency to submit the file to. Clicking on the FIRE file will display "IRS Fire Upload". Clicking on a IRIS file will display "Iris CSV Upload".
Clicking on the Yellow box with the file path will copy the file path and name to the clipboard for easy access when uploading to the IRS.
  1. The File Submittal dialog appears. Make a note of what it says. Click OK.
  2. Your browser will open and navigate automatically the IRS website depending on the file type that is selected. Follow the prompts to upload your files.
    1. IRS FIRE: See Navigating the IRS Fire System Website.
    2. IRIS: See Navigating the IRIS CSV Portal Website.
  3. After all files are uploaded, click Step 4 if you wish to create state files. See 1099 e-filing Step 4: Create state file.
Send your clients a Cover Letter to let them know you electronically filed.
A printout and review of the summary report for each payer is strongly recommended. The 1099 Summary Report can be accessed from the main program menu by selecting Reports > W-2/1099.
It is important that you save a copy of any confirmation message you receive indicating that a file was transmitted to that specific agency. In addition, a subsequent message confirming that the transmitted file was accepted should also be kept. These messages could be in the form of screen printouts or email responses.
It is the filer’s responsibility to verify the acceptance of files transmitted by selecting the CHECK FILE STATUS option.

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