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How can I find the status of my order?

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Verify an order was placed

Check online

  1. Log-in to your MyCFS account, hover your cursor over the MyCFS tab, then click on Order History.
  2. Click on the folder icon located to the left of the order number. You will be able to view order details on the following page.

Check your receipt

After an order is processed, we email a receipt to the address provided when the order was placed, as well as any other emails we have on your account.

Where is my receipt?

If the payment was already processed and you still do not see the receipt in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder. It's also possible for your email provider to block incoming emails from us.

Software order status

As of March 2022, CDs are no longer available as a shipping option.

Released Program

TaxTools Workshop Programs
Not all CFS programs are found in TaxTools Workshop. Please see the list of available programs in TaxTools Workshop here (indicated by a link that says, "Now part of TaxTools Workshop").

A program that can be found in TaxTools Workshop will automatically be available on the platform within 15 minutes after receiving the emailed receipt. If the program is still not available after this amount time, please try keeping TaxTools Workshop open for about 10 minutes, then try accessing the program again. For more information about TaxTools Workshop, please click here.

Programs not part of TaxTools Workshop

As soon as your order is processed, we will email you a receipt that contains the license code needed to download the program (this receipt should not to be confused with the order confirmation you'll receive after ordering online). Upon receiving the receipt, you will immediately be able to install the program from the download software page on our website. Please see Installation Instructions for assistance with installing.

Unreleased Programs

Programs are released during different times of the year. If the program you are looking to download is not listed under Downloadable Software, please see the release schedule by going to release dates. Programs that are part of TaxTools Workshop will automatically be added when the program becomes available.

Forms and Tax Return Supplies order status

Please note that forms for the upcoming tax year are shipped during summer or fall every year.

We will email a receipt to the account we have on file as soon as your order is processed. Items are generally shipped within 1-3 business days, however, shipping times for forms can take longer between the months of August through January.

Tracking Tax Forms or Tax Supply orders

Log-in to your MyCFS account, hover your cursor over the MyCFS tab, then click on Package Tracking. A list of tracking numbers and the date they were shipped will be listed on the following page.

Only orders that are shipped via UPS will be listed on this page. Anything shipped via the United States Postal Service will not be included here.

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