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E-Filing W-2s

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If you have a BSO account (see Applying for a Business Services Online Account) and have generated the forms in the W2/1099 program, you are ready to e-file W-2s. Open the Create 1098/1099/W-2G e-file/MagMedia Files module.

Step 1 - Submitter Data

The module has six tabs across the top, corresponding to the steps of the e-file process. The Step 1 - Submitter Data tab is where your firm information is entered. If you used the e-file add-on last year, this data will be imported.

Note the Instructions and Field Help. Additional help is available by clicking the Help button or pressing F1. The Store Login info button can be used to store login information for the BSO and state sites. Once you have verified that the information on this screen is correct, click the tab for Step 2 - Create SSA File.

Step 2 - Create SSA File

This is where you select the employers to be included in the file. You can select them individually, or use the Select All and Deselect All buttons:

Once the employers have been selected, make sure the Filing Year is correct. Use the radio buttons/check box to indicate whether this is an original file, a corrected file, or a resubmission.

When you are ready to create the file, click the Create File button. An Additional data? pop-up will appear:

Items listed here are not common. Ordinarily, you will click the No button.

Save the file, using the default filename and location. Once the file is saved, you will receive a pop-up message regarding state filing requirements:

Click OK. The file is now ready to be submitted. Click Step 3 - SSA Submittal.

Step 3 - SSA Submittal

The Step 3 - Submittal tab displays a list of files that are ready to be submitted to the SSA. If there are more than one file, select the one you wish to submit. The yellow field displays the path to the file. The path and file name are copied to the clipboard, so that you can paste them into the appropriate field on the BSO website. Click the Connect button to open your browser to the BSO website.

You will receive a pop-up reminder about state filing requirements:

Click OK to proceed to the BSO home page.

Click the Log In button and follow the instructions to upload the file. (For more information, see Navigating the SSA's Business Services Online Website.)

Once you have submitted the file, click the Mark Submitted button to mark the file as submitted.

State Filing Requirements

Submitting files to the BSO may not fulfill your state's filing requirements. The help file contains information about state filing requirements:

If your state requires a separate file submission, Steps 4 & 5 allow you to create and submit a state file, using the same procedure you used for the SSA. If your state requires the file to be submitted on CD, Step 6 allows you to print shipping labels.

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