Do I need a network license?

If you are only using CFS software on one computer with no network, you obviously do not need a network license. Even if you are using CFS software on multiple computers in the same office, you do not need a network license as long as each user is working with their own separate database, stored on their own computer's hard drive. In other words, Alice can be working on one set of clients, while Bob is working on a different set of clients.

However, if you wish to store your program data on a network server so that it is accessible to multiple users, you must have the network license. The network license allows a shared database to be accessed by multiple users at the same time without becoming corrupted. In other words, Alice and Bob can access the same set of clients, simultaneously.

You can configure your CFS program to back up to a network drive, even if you don't have a network license. See How do I configure automatic backup?

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