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Error 62: "Input past End of File"


Error 62 at program start is typically caused by a bad file in the database, or by a problem in the program environment. Note which client was selected when the program was opened and the error 62 occurred. Switch to a different client, then close and reopen the program. Does the error 62 still occur?

  • If so, the problem is probably in the program environment.
  • If not, the problem is probably in the folder for the client selected when the error occurred. Frequently, the bad file has a length of zero bytes.

Error 62 in program environment

When error 62 affects most or all clients, it is most likely caused by an issue in the program's files. The best solution is to uninstall the program and reinstall from a fresh download. A frequent cause of error 62 is installation of multiple programs into the CFSLIB folder instead of into the program folders under CFSLIB. For example, a shortcut to X:\CFSLIB\TT2023ST.EXE is not good. It should be of the form X:\CFSLIB\TT2023\TT2023ST.EXE.

If this program is the network version, it must be uninstalled using the workstation which was used for the initial installation to the network drive. Uninstall from any other workstation will only uninstall the workstation installation done on that workstation. Proper uninstallation will remove the files from the Templates, WSSetup, and  folders. The uninstall will have no effect on the INIS or database folders. The intention is for the uninstall to remove the bad file so the installation can provide a good copy.

If the problem was caused by multiple installations into the CFSLIB folder instead of into the appropriate program folders under CFSLIB, each of those programs should be uninstalled and properly installed. The database folders will not be affected by the uninstallations and can be moved to the correct locations after the proper installations are done.

If you are unfamiliar with manually manipulating files, call CFS Technical Support for assistance. Improper handling of database files can cause corruption and loss of data.

Error 62 from a bad file in the database:

If the error occurs only when a specific client is selected it indicates a bad file in the folder for that client in the database. Click Edit Client to bring up the Client dialog. The specified "Client Directory" will be the name of the folder that contains this client's data.

Create a folder elsewhere in the computer. Move all contents of the client folder to the new spare folder. Test to determine whether removing these client files cured the problem. If so, move the files back in batches to determine which file caused the error.

If any files in this directory have a size of 0 bytes, try moving back all client files other than that file, since it is highly likely that the 0 byte file is the one causing the error.

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