Message that something "needs to be installed" or "is on CD"


There are several situations which can cause this behavior: missing modules, partially installed programs, poorly designed programs. For example, Microsoft Office sometimes requests additional installation when our program is executed. If multiple logons are used on the computer, it requests a CD for each user. Dell computers sometimes have partially-installed software for which installation is triggered by execution of a CFS program.


Fix the Problem Program

For some programs, such as Microsoft Office, all that is required is to open the CFS program with the appropriate CD in the drive. Doing this once for each Windows logon solves the problem.

Another possible solution is to check the offending program's web site for updates. Sometimes this problem has been recognized and corrected by the vendor in a later version of the program.

Uninstall the Problem Program

For programs that you do not wish to use, open the Control Panel and go through the "Add-Remove Programs" list to find the offending program and remove it. For example, Dell used to partially install "Dell Picture Studio" and "Image Editor" on their computers. Most of our users have no need for this software.

Occasionally, when an attempt to uninstall a program fails, indicating the need for a CD or some other program source. In that case it may be necessary to request help from the vendor of the program.

Error Details

If you need to call the vendor, it helps to have more information about the error. For details:

  1. Right-click on "My Computer" and left-click on "Manage."
  2. Select the Event Viewer - for Applications.
  3. Note the column labeled "Event."  Event numbers 1001 and 1004 contain detailed information on the error encountered by MSI (Microsoft Installer).

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