Checking Size of Uploaded File

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The FIRE System advises you to ensure that your uploaded file is the correct size.

Note: You can also apply these concepts to checking the size of a W-2 file uploaded to the BSO website.

This is simply an additional way to confirm you uploaded the correct file.

It is not “fool-proof”; you might have several files that happen to be the same file size.)

For this example, we have uploaded this file: 1099IRS19-2 and the IRS reported 3750 bytes as received.

  1. In Windows or File Explorer, navigate to your file to see its size.
  2. However in our example, file size is shown in Explorer in KB’s (kilobytes):
  3. 3750 Bytes = 3.75 Kilobytes, which has been rounded up to simply “4 KB” (above). In this example, we have confirmed that file “1099IRS19-2” is the same size as the IRS reported was uploaded.

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