Transfer Payroll Data to W-2

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The Create W-2 screen allows the user to transfer payroll data to Form W-2 and is only available to licensed users of both the 941/940 After-the-Fact or LivePayroll and W2/1099.

  1. Click Utilities > Transfer Payroll Data to W-2 on the menu bar or click Payroll -> W-2 on the button bar.
  2. Select the employee(s) from the list.
  3. Click Create W-2.
    If a social security number of a payroll employee matches a social security number of an existing W-2 employee then that W-2 employee will be replaced only if the control number also matches.
Form W-2 is completed using all the payroll data entered for the selected employee according to the paycheck items set up for the employer.

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