Quick Reference Guide is discontinued

Eric Updated by Eric

Due to the quick availability of free information online, Quick Reference Guide is no longer available to be renewed.

Our software development philosophy is that we won't produce a program for a given task unless:

  • There is nothing available to handle the task, or
  • There is a program available, but it handles the task in a poor or incomplete manner, or
  • There is an existing program available, but it is overpriced for the task it handles.

Much of the information found in Quick Reference Guide can be found online at no charge, making Quick Reference Guide obsolete. Therefore, we've reluctantly decided to halt sales for Quick Reference Guide.

At this point, Quick Reference Guide 2022 will be the final version, and will be supported throughout 2022. We hope this change does not cause our users undue burden. Thank you for your years of supporting Quick Reference Guide.

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