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Licensed software is stuck in demo mode

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The program is licensed but is still in demo mode.


Confirm the software was purchased

  1. Find a record of the purchase. Either:
    1. Look at your emailed receipt, or
    2. View your order history on our website.
  2. Determine the program name and year.
    1. If the program is Payroll System (W2/1099, 941/940, W2/1099, or Payroll Corrector):
      1. Find the program year on the title bar at the very top of the window, e.g. "Payroll System 20yy".
      2. Find the product name in Select Program to Display. Ensure it is the product listed on the purchase record.
    2. If the program isn't Payroll System, read the program name and year on the title bar at the very top of the window, e.g. "TaxTools 20yy".
  3. Compare the program name and year to that found on the purchase record.
    1. If it matches, see the next Solution.
    2. If it doesn't match, the product has not been purchased. Perhaps the wrong product or year was ordered or sent. Contact Customer Service.

Confirm your identification

The program needs to know it has been purchased.

  1. Go to File > Firm Information.
  2. Find the License Code box. (If it is not there, skip this step.)
    1. Confirm the License Code in the program matches the License Code on your purchase record that corresponds to the same program year.
    2. Confirm the Customer ID, Firm Name, and address fields in the program matches what is on your purchase record or MyCFS account.
  3. If there is no License Code box in Firm Information:
    1. Close the Firm Information window.
    2. Log out of the program.
    3. Log back in. Type in the Customer ID that matches the one on the purchase record and your email address.
    4. If the program is still in demo mode, leave the program open for 10 minutes to ensure enough time has passed for it to update its license status from our servers.

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