Deleting Clients

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You can remove clients from your Client List in TaxTools WorkShop by deleting them.

  1. Choose the client(s) you want to delete by highlighting them in your Client List, the top left section of the program.
    A single client in TaxTools WorkShop at the top of the Client List is highlighted in blue.
    To delete multiple clients, see Selecting multiple clients.
  2. Click Delete Client.
    The options to the right of the Client List header, including Add Client as a rolodex, Edit Client as a hand writing on a rolodex card, and Delete Client as a trash can.
  3. You will see this popup asking if you really want to delete the number of clients you previously selected. Click Yes to remove the clients from your list, or click No to cancel.
    A popup titled "Delete Clients". The text reads: "Do you really want to delete 12 client(s)? Deleted clients are removed from the client list and are marked for deletion. NOTE: To permanently purge clients that are marked for deletion, select the UTILITIES > PURGE DELETED CLIENTS menu option. To restore clients that have been marked for deletion back to the client list, select the UTILITIES > UNDELETE CLIENTS menu option." Underneath are the options "Yes" and "No".
Deleted clients can be restored to your Client List with Utilities > Undelete Clients.
Deleted clients can be removed permanently with Utilities > Purge Deleted Clients.
Deleted clients are removed from your Client List, but are not purged, and can be undeleted. Purged clients are permanently removed, and cannot be undeleted. Please read the above articles for more information.

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