Arizona Form A1-QRT/A1-WP - Quarterly Withholding Tax Return

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An employer must withhold Arizona income tax from wages paid for services performed in Arizona. Income tax must be withheld, unless those wages are exempt from Arizona withholding tax. In addition, Arizona income tax may be withheld from pensions and gambling winnings. The employer must remit the tax withheld to the department based on the deposit schedule that applies to that employer. Employers must reconcile the amounts withheld during the quarter to the amounts paid during the quarter. Form A1-QRT is filed for this purpose.

Employers required to make more than one Arizona withholding payment per calendar quarter, but not required to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), use Form A1-WP to transmit Arizona withholding payments to the department. Employers making withholding payments by electronic funds transfer or on the Internet should not use this form. Employers required to make quarterly withholding payments should not use this form.

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