W-2 E-Filing: BSO File Errors

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BSO File Errors

If your file has critical format or data consistency errors, you will see the errors on the Errors page immediately. Please print or save a copy of the Errors page as the only way to see the errors later is to upload your file again. You will need to fix the errors and upload the whole file again. No part of the file will be submitted until the file is free of errors. There is no need to wait a day and check back in later.

The Error Details section shows you exactly what the errors are and where. If the error is on a W-2 form, you will see the line number within the wage file and last 4 digits of the employee’s SSN. Other information can also be displayed in this table. You can filter the Error Details by selecting specific employers in the Summary of W-3 Forms with Errors section and clicking on the Apply Filter button.
Fix all the errors in your file and upload it again using the new Wage File Upload program.
Errors During the file upload, the system attempts to check a number of conditions: file type, size, format, and wage data. If there are errors, you will see them immediately. When your file has one or more errors, we are unable to process your Form W-2 or Form W-2C file.


 Step 1 Print or save the Errors page. The errors will not be available after your upload session is closed. However, you can always upload the same file again to see the errors without affecting your file’s submission status.

Step 2 Correct your file.

Step 3 Upload all reports using BSO within 45 days of your original upload date.

For information on fixing specific errors, refer to BSO Online Error Reference Material at https://www.ssa.gov/employer/onlineerror.htm.

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