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Change printers in Windows 10

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Our software is designed to print to the Windows default printer.

Change the default Windows printer

In this example we will change the default printer from Microsoft Print to PDF to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  1. View Windows Settings using the keyboard shortcut: [ Windows Logo Key + I ]. Then select Devices.
  2. Select Printers & Scanners. The current default printer will be indicated. In this example the Microsoft Print to PDF printer is the default.
    If none of the printers shown are listed as being the default printer, see if the Let Windows Manage My Default Printer checkbox is checked. If so, uncheck this checkbox. The Printers & Scanners list will now display the default printer.

  3. Select the printer you would like to make the new default printer, then select Manage. In this example, we are switching the default to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer.
  4. Select Set As Default.
    If after changing the default printer our software is still printing to the previous default printer, exit the software then rerun the software. Try printing again.

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