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Create SSN Verification Upload File

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The Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) is one of the services offered by Social Security Administration's (SSA) Business Services Online (BSO). It allows registered users (employers and certain third-party submitters) to verify the names and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of employees against SSA records.

With SSNVS, you may:

• Verify up to 10 names and SSNs online and receive immediate results. There is no limit to the number of times the SSN Verification web page may be used within a session.

• Upload electronic files of up to 250,000 names and SSNs and usually receive results the next government business day.

Note that the SSNVS requires registration for both BSO and for the SSNVS service. See the SSNVS Handbook for proper use of the service.
See also, IRS Bulk TIN Matching File to verify TIN/name combinations for 1099 payees.

Utilities menu - Create SSN Verification Upload File

CFS supports the SSNVS through this menu function by creating a properly formatted file with the SSN, name, and date of birth of all employees for the currently selected employer in the Client List. The employees of only one employer at a time may be submitted in the file. Follow these steps to create the SSN verification file for the employer:

  • Select the desired employer in the Client List.
  • Select the "Create SSN Verification Upload File..." menu item on the Utilities menu of the main screen.
  • If the user is licensed for only the 941 Payroll program, then the file will be created from the employees entered in then Payroll paycheck list. If the user is licensed for only the W-2/1099 program, then the file will be created from employees entered on Forms W-2. If the user is licensed for both the 941 Payroll program and the W-2/1099 program and they have both been released (typically late summer), then the user must select whether the employee file will be created from the employees in the Payroll paycheck list or from employees on Forms W-2. Click the appropriate button. A message will be displayed with the file name and path. This file name and path has also been copied to the Windows Clipboard so that it can be pasted into the SSA's browse window when uploading the file using CTRL+V.
  • Log into the SSA's BSO website.

Click the "Social Security Verification Service" link (requires prior registration).

Click the "Submit an Electronic File for SSN Verification" link.

Scroll down and click the "I Accept" button.

Click the "Continue" button.

Enter the employer's EIN in the box, and click the "Browse" button to select the file.

With the cursor in the File Name box, press and hold CTRL and press V (CTRL+V). This should paste the file name and path created in Step 3 into the File Name box. If it does not paste in, then the user must navigate to locate the file name and path that was displayed in Step 3. When the file name is in the File Name box, click the "Open" button (some browsers may use different wording).

Click the "Submit" button. A message will display indicating that the file was submitted.

You may print the confirmation page if desired.

  • Check the results (typical process time is hours to one day)

From the main BSO log in screen, click the "Social Security Verification Service" link.

Click the "View Status and Retrieval Information" link.

Click the "Submit" button next to Option 3, All Submissions.

A list of all submissions will be displayed along with a summary. The Status column indicates if the file is still "In Process" or if it is "Available". The result for any files no longer "In Process" will be displayed. If there are any Failed Verifications listed in that column, then click the "View" link in the Retrieval Option column. The employee names, SSN, and date of birth will be displayed along with code indicating why the verification failed. The user can then take actions to correct the employee's information.

Summary of Possible Result Codes

The result code appears in the character position 98 of each employee record of the returned results file. However, it is easier to View the results on the BSO website because they will summarize the results and list each employee.

1 = SSN not in file (never issued).

3 = Name matches; DOB does not match.

5 = Name does not match; DOB not checked.

6 = SSN did not verify; other reason.

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