Error 70: Permission Denied

Error 70 can occur when an attempt is made to modify a file which is being used by another program. The error may be encountered in the following situations.

Updating the Program

Automatic Update

If error 70 prevents an automatic update download, the solution is to manually download and install the update. See How do I manually download and install an update?

Network Update

Error 70 can occur in a network environment, when an update is performed while one workstation is still running the program. After the update, it may be that only the workstation where the update was performed can access the program. The solution is to close the program from the workstation which was open during the update.

After one workstation has updated the program, the other workstations should update the next time they open the program. However, an error 70 referring to "CFSSTRT" can occur on a workstation with multiple users. In that case, one solution is to change users and close the program, open the program and change back to the first user, and try again.

Another possible solution is to shut down the workstation and restart it.

All workstations should exit the program before performing an update.

Opening the Program

If error 70 occurs on program launch, first check to see if the software was updated recently. If so, follow the resolution steps in the Updating the Program section of this article.

If the software was not recently updated, or the solutions listed above do not resolve the issue, it is very likely that other software is interfering with the database file. Check for automatic backup and/or antivirus software running on the same computer. It may be necessary to add an exemption for our software in your antivirus system and/or exclude the network's CFSLib directory from automatic scanning/backups.

Notably, we have seen this issue with Norton360 and Webroot Security.

Running the Program

With the database on a network drive, error 70 may occur when attempting to add a new client. In this case, it is necessary to force release of the database (DBF) file.

Closing the Program

In a network environment, the error may occur on closing the program, due to a busy database or configuration file. The problem file can sometimes be isolated by trying to rename the DB or INIS folder. However, the best way is to go to the server and right-click on the "My Computer" icon and left-click on "Manage" to open the Computer Management program. Under "Shared Folders" you may be able to find the problem file under "Open Files."

Another possible solution to the problem is to restart the server.

If the error occurs frequently in this situation, there may be a problem with the network hardware, but that is uncommon.

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