New Jersey Form NJ-927/NJ-927-W/WR-30, Employer's Quarterly Report

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Electronic Filing is Mandated Starting 1st Quarter 2009

Effective with the first quarter 2009, ALL employers must file and pay Forms NJ-927 and WR-30 electronically. There are two methods of electronic filing. Employers can complete and submit the forms online using the Online Filing Service or they can prepare files containing the properly formatted data and upload them from their computer to a secure FTP site (SFTP). For more information see the New Jersey website.

CFS is approved to create files containing the form and payment information that can be uploaded to the New Jersey SFTP website. See the NJ-927/NJ-927-W/WR-30 e-Filing module directly below this one in the Module Library list.


Form Module Usage Instructions

This module contains employer copies of New Jersey Forms NJ-927, NJ-927-W, and WR-30, Employer's Quarterly Report. Amended Forms NJ-927-X and NJ-927-W-X may also be completed.

This module can only be used if the employer has NJ set as the PAYROLL STATE. See New Jersey Payroll Setup for a description of how to enter the New Jersey tax rates into the program provided Tax Items on the Employer setup screen.

Data may be imported from the 941 Payroll Data previously entered. Select IMPORT from the UTILITIES menu to import the desired quarter. The user must complete the portions of the forms that were not filled in by the import routine. Complete all appropriate fields. Do not leave Number of Employee, GIT Wages, or Payment information fields blank.

Form WR-30 lists the employees and payroll data. Click NEXT and PREV to navigate among continuation pages. If a new page is created, it will print and be counted in the page count even if blank. Pages may be deleted from the UTILITIES menu.

See also Instructions For Filing the Employer Report of Wages Paid (WR-30).

Payment Methods

There are three methods to electronically pay taxes due with Form NJ-927.

E-check: The employer's account information must be entered when completing the form in the software. Be sure to enter an early enough settlement date to avoid penalties. This information is included in the electronic file and the account will be automatically debited.

EFT - ACH Debit: The employer must register to make EFT payments prior to filing in order to use this option. The EFT payment method is included in the electronic file and account will be automatically debited if the employer is signed up for ACH Debit. Be sure to enter an early enough settlement date to avoid penalties. However, if the employer is registered for ACH Credit then they must separately initiate a payment from their bank. Choose Other from the Payment Method list if the employer is registered for ACH Credit.

Other: Credit card: The employer must pay separately online using a credit card. The payment information is NOT included in the electronic file.

Other: EFT - ACH Credit: The employer must initiate separate payments from their bank for the Gross Income Tax payment and the Department of Labor (DOL) payment.

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