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Modules do not load and no error is displayed

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When using the software, attempting to load any module fails with no reason given.

An hourglass pointer may be displayed for a very short period of time after a module is selected from the Module Library or a Client Folder.


OCX / DLL files used by the software are either missing and or are the wrong version.

Typically these files are located in the C:\Windows folder file structure.

A Windows update may be responsible for either removing or rolling back these types of files.

This problem will usually affect multiple CFS software titles in the same way. Older CFS software may produce error messages that specifically mention the OCX / DLL file(s) at issue.


Uninstall the software then reinstall the latest full version of the software.

See: Uninstalling and How to Download & Install Software from the CFS Website

If multiple software titles are affected by this problem, uninstalling / reinstalling one title should fix the problem for all titles.

Reinstalling without first uninstalling the software does not fix this problem.

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