PA Form REV-1667 - Annual Withholding Reconciliation Statement

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Notes on Importing Data:

The following will import to Part I:

  • 1a - Number of W-2s
  • 1b - Number of 1099-Rs and 1099-MISCs and 1099-NECs
  • 2 - W-2 state income, 1099-R state distribution (box 14), 1099-MISC state income (box 17), 1099-NEC state income (box 7)
  • 3 - W-2 state withholding, 1099-R state withholding, 1099-MISC state withholding, 1099-NEC state withholding

The following will import to Part II:

  • Quarterly payroll data, state wages and state withholding
  • Quarterly Vendor Payment data, state income and withholding for 1099-MISC/1099-NEC vendors
Quarterly 1099-R distributions and withholding must be added manually since it cannot be imported.

Notes on E-Filing Form REV-1667 (e-filing is required if e-filing Forms W-2 and 1099)

If you will be e-filing Form REV-1667, be sure to complete the additional fields directly above the form indicating the number of forms filed through myPATH and through OTHER submittal methods. This information is included in the electronic file for Form REV-1667. If you will be filing Form REV-1667 on paper, then leave the additional fields blank so the printed form will not include that information.

To create the bulk electronic file with Form REV-1667 for all your employers, see the corresponding module directly below this form on the Module Library.

myPATH has replaced e-Tides for business filing as of 11/30/2022.

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