PA Form REV-1667 - Annual Withholding Reconciliation Statement

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Notes on Importing Data:

The following will import to Part I:

  • 1a - Number of W-2s
  • 1b - Number of 1099-Rs and 1099-MISCs and 1099-NECs
  • 2 - W-2 state income, 1099-R state distribution (box 14), 1099-MISC state income (box 17), 1099-NEC state income (box 7)
  • 3 - W-2 state withholding, 1099-R state withholding, 1099-MISC state withholding, 1099-NEC state withholding

The following will import to Part II:

  • Quarterly payroll data, state wages and state withholding
  • Quarterly Vendor Payment data, state income and withholding for 1099-MISC/1099-NEC vendors
Quarterly 1099-R distributions and withholding must be added manually since it cannot be imported.

Notes on E-Filing Form REV-1667 (e-filing is required if e-filing Forms W-2 and 1099)

If you will be e-filing Form REV-1667, be sure to complete the additional fields directly above the form indicating the number of forms filed through E-TIDES and through OTHER submittal methods. This information is included in the electronic file for Form REV-1667. If you will be filing Form REV-1667 on paper, then leave the additional fields blank so the printed form will not include that information.

To create the bulk electronic file with Form REV-1667 for all your employers, see the corresponding module directly below this form on the Module Library.

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