See Using the Editor for a more detailed description of the editor.

An editor is provided with the program to create, edit, and save documents such as letters, invoices and filing instructions. The documents are automatically constructed based on the current data in the setup input screens or by mapping client information into a template. The document may be edited, saved and printed. Some documents contain fields that the user is expected to edit before printing. The first such field will be selected when the document loads. After editing the field, press <CTRL>+F to move to the next field. Note that the program controls the file name for the document (shown in the window caption) in order to be able to associate the document file with the setup screen datafile. The letter may be exported or saved as a different file name, if desired, but must be saved as the assigned name for the program to recognize it.

The editor may also be accessed from the FILE menu on the main screen. It may be used to edit and save custom letters and documents.

The editor has full text formatting capabilities. Documents may be saved in Word format (doc), rich-text-format (rtf), ASCII text (txt) or editor format (txm).

Templates for letters and invoices are saved in editor format (txm). These templates may be modified to suit the users requirements with certain exceptions. Data from the client database and from the setup screens are inserted into fields in the template when the letter is constructed. Some fields may not be used in letter formation depending on the form data. The user may edit text in the template with the understanding that the program will insert data into the fields as it was originally programmed. It is up to the user to verify that the edited text makes sense in light of the inserted data. Text may be added to the end of the template as desired. The template may be loaded by selecting CUSTOMIZE TEMPLATE from the editor's FILE menu. Choose the desired template. Edit the template and select SAVE from the FILE menu. The program will always use the template file located in the <program>\TEMPLATE directory to construct letters and invoices. Delete the template file and reinstall the program to restore the original template.

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