How to move data from one computer to another (not a network)

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You may need to move data from one computer to another. If you have a non-network version of the program, this article will outline how to transfer data from one computer to another.

Note that TaxTools Workshop programs require a different procedure.

This article assumes that:

  • The user has access to portable media. The device, such as a flash drive or portable hard drive, must be able to store the data.
If you don't have such portable media, you will need to obtain it beforehand. Such devices are fairly commonplace and can be purchased relatively cheaply through commercial outlet stores such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy or online stores such as Amazon.
  • Both computers have the relevant program(s) already installed.

Step 1:

Plug the portable media into your PC's USB port. Wait about a minute or so and if your computer registers the device, a Windows Explorer window should open on your screen.

When the flash drive is plugged into the USB port it should look something like this:

If your flash drive failed to open automatically open a random folder, and manually open your flash drive via the side menu:

Step 2:

1. Minimize the flash drive folder. You don't need to view that just yet.

2. Open another random folder and navigate to the side bar window once more.

3. Select the "C: Drive".

Step 3:

Once you are in the C: Drive navigate to the CFSLib folder.

Step 4:

Open the folder that says PRyyyy.

Step 5:

1. Right click on the folder that says Pryyyydb.

2. Select "Copy".

There is a different procedure for TaxTools Workshop programs.

Step 6:

Select the flash drive still minimized below. If it was closed you can alternatively reopen it via the side menu.

Step 7:

1. Right click on an empty space.

2. Select "Paste".

Step 8:

1. Rename the folder.

2 Right click on the file.

3. Select Rename and manually change the name.

Keep the file name simple. Simply adding a "1" to the end will suffice.

Step 9:

Eject and remove your flash drive. Look at the bottom right of your screen and left click the Up Arrow.

1. Select the flash drive icon.

2. Right click it and select eject.

Make sure the Windows Explorer windows are closed first before ejecting.

Step 10:

Repeat steps 1-4 on the other computer.

Step 11:

Right click on the file and copy it.

Step 12:

Paste the folder.Step 13:

1. Open the program

2. Open the Utilities menu at the top left.

3. Select Restore.

Step 14:

Choose the location:

1. Navigate to the exact place in the Pryyyy folder where the folder was copied to.

2. Select the Pryyyy folder and click Next.

Step 15:

1. Click Select All

2. Click Finish

To prevent lost data, we highly advise backing up the data on both computer's to ensure that your data doesn't accidentally get overridden by less complete data. See our Knowledge Base article on How do I back up/restore my data? before this final step.

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