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Requesting access to the SSA Services Suite for Employers on BSO website

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All newly registered BSO users must request the following service to e-file W-2’s:  “SSA Services Suite for Employers”. 

After creating a BSO account online you must request access to the SSA Services Suite for Employers (see instructions below).


In 2023, BSO changed its login procedure and requires existing users to re-authenticate. Users must now login with  You may also need to request access to the SSA Services Suite.  Follow this link for instructions to see if you need to re-request the SSA Services Suite BSO Service - How do I know if I need to (re-) request, “SSA’s Services Suite for Employers”? If requesting SSA’s Service Suite for Employers is in fact needed, follow instructions below to request SSA Services Suite.

CFS is not a third-party transmitter.  CFS does not e-file the W-2/1099s; you do. The W2/1099 E-File add-on will allow the user to create the file from your returns - which you will then need to upload to the appropriate agency.

Login with

  1. Go to the BSO Welcome page.
  2. Click Log in under Employers.
    The menu selection on the BSO Main Menu is unique to you and presents only the applications and services to which you have access.
  3. Sign in with, or create and sign in with new account if necessary.
    For more information on, see IRS migrates e-Services login to

Request access to SSA Services Suite for Employers

  1. Click Request New Services link in the Main Menu or the left navigation panel. If the Main Menu shows "You currently do not have access to any services"
  1. Mark SSA Services Suite for Employers.
    If the employer information has not been entered, the Request Access to BSO Services page is re-displayed with the message “Employer Information is required for the selected suite(s). Please select this link Add Your Employer Information to continue.”
  2. Click Next. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Business or Organization name associated to your User ID will be displayed. The services listed are only the ones to which you have access. Click Next.
  1. Click Accept. The User Certification for SSA Business Services Online.
  1. Add the Employer Information.
  1. Select Yes for the following:
Requesting "Social Security Number Verification Service" is optional, and may make your registration process take longer.In the following illustration, "Yes" is chosen but you may choose, "Yes" or "No".
Note that you can always ADD this SSNVS Service LATER, if you are concerned about e-filing W-2's as quickly as possible.
  1. Your Request Summary will display.

BSO will mail a one-time activation code to your employer. See Using the one-time Activation Code.

The activation code is needed to complete your account registration or to change to your existing account.

Using the one-time Activation Code

  1. Return to the BSO Welcome page
  2. Click Log In and provide your User ID and password.
  3. Click Enter Your Activation Code.
  4. Input the activation code. You will then be able to use the service.

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