"Exceeded maximum amount" with respect to Social Security and CA SDI withholdings

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Both Social Security tax and California SDI have maximum wage limits on which the tax is collected. These maximums usually increase each year based on inflation or tax law changes. CFS Payroll System monitors these limits as paychecks are chronologically entered in the payroll grid. Once the wage limit is achieved the software automatically stops calculating the tax and the user does not have to take any action.

Once in a while the tax is calculated even after the limit is achieved and the tax is over collected.

The cause of limits being exceeded is unknown currently as the problem has yet to be duplicated deliberately.
Due to the complexities of this issue, the recalculation suggestion should to be administered on a case by case basis and to be aware of any consequences.


The solution is to unlock the appropriate check(s) if required and to recalculate. The recalculation can be for:

  • just that one check, or
  • for that one check including all the checks created after that one, or
  • recalculate all the checks for the entire year

for the appropriate employee(s).

Backing up your data is recommended before attempting this procedure.
  1. If the affected checks are locked, unlock them by clicking Options, then Unlock Selected Checks, then OK.
  2. Click Option again, then mark Display Wage Columns.
    Doing this will allow you to monitor the maximum wage limits.
  3. Click Recalc.
    The recalculation has to be done carefully as the net amount for an already issued check may change for various reasons.
The wage limits should be fixed after recalculation but unexpected consequences may result that will cause the user other problems to resolve. The user may want to resolve these problems directly or restore their data from the backup and start over.

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