Importing/Exporting Client Data

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Several CFS software programs share a common database structure. These programs are TaxTools, Tax Corresponder, W-4 Calculator, Small Business Tools, Schedule D Tools, CA 571 Preparer, MD Personal Property, and Financial Planning Tools. This utility may be used by owners of any of these 2020 or 2019 CFS programs who wish to transfer the client information into the current program. The menu will display the import options available based on the programs installed on the computer.

The user must select the drive and directory from the list that contains the 2020 (CLIENT20.DBF) or 2019 (CLIENT19.DBF) CFS program client database. The default directory will be automatically located by the program. If you want to import data from a database that is not located in the default directory then you must navigate to the proper directory by double-clicking the drive and directory lists.

When the user has found the client database the NEXT Button will become enabled and the Import From label will change from red to blue. Click the NEXT Button to display a list of clients in the database.

Select the desired clients from the list. To select a group of clients that are next to each other, select the first client; then, while holding down the SHIFT key, select the last client. To select multiple clients that are not next to each other, hold the CTRL key down while selecting clients.

Click the FINISH button to import the client information into the program database.

NOTE: The user will be prompted to replace Clients with matching SSNs or EINs. Unique clients will be added to the database.

Optionally, the preparers and custom labels may be imported at the same time. This operation is a replacement of the existing database or label file. If you have already entered preparers or custom labels you will be prompted to confirm overwriting the file.

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