How does my license code work?

When you purchase CFS software, we generally issue you a license code to unlock the software you have purchased. This allows you to instantly install the software by downloading it from our webpage. Should you purchase additional software from us at a later date, we issue you a new license code to unlock the additional software, as well as the software you previously purchased.

Some CFS programs do not require a license code. Instead, they are unlocked by your customer ID and email address.

The license code changes each year and is generated by the following pieces of information:

  1. Your customer ID,
  2. Your firm's name,
  3. Your firm's ZIP code,
  4. The programs you are licensed for in that year.
Note that CFS Payroll System consists of several separately-licensed components. If you purchase the 941/940 program at the beginning of the year and the W2/1099 program later on, your license code will change when you purchase the W2/1099 program.

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